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Culture-fit and soft skills tests to hire better devs with less bias

Next generation, AI powered tools to help hiring managers and founders find a Great Fit, not just a good coder.
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Don't filter out your dream developer

You only have time to meet with 5% of job applicants

But having a bad resume doesn't make someone a bad candidate. GreatFit makes sure that you don't filter out your dream developer using research-backed & AI powered behavioral assessments (that devs love).
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“GreatFit helps us get crucial signals about candidates, without adding more video calls to my calendar.“

Jed da Silva
Co-founder, Maholla.com
Integrates seamlessly with the ATS you use everyday

Make offers with confidence

The best engineers have much more than just technical skills, we help equip your hiring committee with more data points to make better and less bias hiring decisions.

Written communication

Most communication between developers happen in writing. Your screening process should reflect that.


Great mentors have a compounding effect on the quality of your team.


91% of managers agree that culture-fit is as important as having the right skills and experience.


Identify the current or future leaders of your engineering org.

Design intuition

Great products are not just ones and zeros. Screen for engineers who know what a good UX feels like.

Your values

No two engineering cultures are the same, we bake in flexibility so you can screen for the skills and values that matter to you.